1. Leaving my mark at the library (at Saratoga Springs Public Library)

  2. Back cover of my new book! It’s finished because it’s Friday afternoon and that’s when thinking creatively takes a break

  3. Off-season hotel

  4. Catching some inspiration from my tattooing buddies

  5. New rhythm section

  6. Shooting the video for my new book’s Kickstarter! (at Tiger Trap Studio)

  7. Buzzzzz

  8. a little interview with me that sums up what I love about teaching kids to express themselves by making comics

  9. Last night tattoo with @afrancey ! Finally finishing a piece he started 12 years ago (at White Tiger Tattoo)

  10. Trying to keep the band together in ‘96 with this flier. It didn’t work out but we had a pretty good ska cover of Nirvana’s Sliver

  11. Yesterday at comics camp I said “If any of you bring a pork chop for lunch I will give you a copy of my book.” and now this kid has a copy of my book. (at SUNY Ulster)

  12. Last day of a cartooning workshop and realized the kids drew over 100 comics this week. Turns out, these kids like making comics.

  13. Dude, wake up! It’s Friday Night!!

  14. Whoa. Did I just design my book cover? I can’t tell because I’ve been staring at variations of it for 6 hours

  15. Cover art process for my book, The Aquarium Drift! Cover design makes me super nervous!!