1. at Hall and Woodhouse

  2. This is a Skeleton table clock (at London, 1776)

  3. Title page mock-up of ‘notes from the other world’. best read in a stark-raving-mad kinda voice

  4. 1,001 drawings of strange things, check. (at Tiger Trap Studio)

  5. Dying Sun / Secondary Sun

  6. Went to a high school today and told a bunch of young artists “guys, it is OK TO MAKE ART”

  7. City friends!

  8. Alien dancing

  9. Scribal Magic

  10. Crystal Types

  11. Research Day (at Troy Public Library)

  12. City Friends (1/2 done!)

  13. Extraordinary Romance

  14. 897 thru 900. Cities Under Glass. 101 more things to go

  15. Cursed Idioms