1. Today in Comics Club: 9 panel nature story (at Basilica Hudson)

  2. this is supposed to be a boat, somehow

  3. The back patio is open

  4. Relative-Land, Dream-Land

  5. In the UK during the 1980s the word ‘ninja’ was too dangerous for children, it seems (at East Finchley)

  6. at Hall and Woodhouse

  7. This is a Skeleton table clock (at London, 1776)

  8. Title page mock-up of ‘notes from the other world’. best read in a stark-raving-mad kinda voice

  9. 1,001 drawings of strange things, check. (at Tiger Trap Studio)

  10. Dying Sun / Secondary Sun

  11. Went to a high school today and told a bunch of young artists “guys, it is OK TO MAKE ART”

  12. City friends!

  13. Alien dancing

  14. Scribal Magic

  15. Crystal Types