1. Better than email- a fun postcard for my previous backers letting them know I’ve got a new book to Kickstart!

  2. at Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

  3. unexpected breakdancing happening (at Lincoln Memorial)

  4. Up and running at @spxcomics

  5. Things to bring to @spxcomics

  6. sitting in this completely appropriate chair while recording a reading of my new book

  7. Taking in some culture tonight

  9. Leaving my mark at the library (at Saratoga Springs Public Library)

  10. Back cover of my new book! It’s finished because it’s Friday afternoon and that’s when thinking creatively takes a break

  11. Off-season hotel

  12. Catching some inspiration from my tattooing buddies

  13. New rhythm section

  14. Shooting the video for my new book’s Kickstarter! (at Tiger Trap Studio)

  15. Buzzzzz