1. My new office! Complete with data port for porting data to places. It also comes with some weird single use device I see no use for

  2. Arranging everything (at Collar Works Gallery)

  3. Treat yourself, Medusa

  4. New project, new characters

  5. Death Rays part 2

  6. Death Rays part 1

  7. If you asked me how I feel after the first week of my Kickstarter, I’d say I feel like I just landed a pretty sweet skateboard trick and a bunch of people were watching. Check it out! Over $2000 so far! http://kck.st/1qmmOcI

  8. Check out the Kickstarter for my new book. THE AQUARIUM DRIFT is a story about a sailor on a wild journey to the edge of the known world. A tale for the curious explorer in everyone!

  9. Better than email- a fun postcard for my previous backers letting them know I’ve got a new book to Kickstart!

  10. at Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

  11. unexpected breakdancing happening (at Lincoln Memorial)

  12. Up and running at @spxcomics

  13. Things to bring to @spxcomics

  14. sitting in this completely appropriate chair while recording a reading of my new book

  15. Taking in some culture tonight